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About Project

Kerala is well known for its rich marine fish resources and over 3.5 lakh people earn their livelihood .Thiruvananthapuram coast contributes 13.20% and is a major segment in the fishery map of the State.The total fish production in the state was more or less stagnant during the period 2001-2005 and a decline in marine fish production was reported during 2005-2006.Under these circumstances it is imperative to help fishermen by providing technologies to improve the catch. It is also essential to bring down searching time and reduce the fuel consumption in the marine fisheries sector. It is imperative to help fishermen to provide better catch by technology development.The PFZ service is accepted as the most important direct societal application.

1.To evaluate the catching efficiency of surface drift gill nets, bottom set gill nets and other gears with reference to PFZ advisories.
2.To study the ecology of PFZ and Non-PFZ locations in the marine ecosystem.
3.To study the feeding habits and maturity of various species in PFZ and Non-PFZ region.
4.To validate PFZ advisory in terms of catch per unit efforts, searching time for shoaling fishes and species composition.
5.To Study the shifting pattern of PFZ Advisories.
6.Awareness creations on PFZ.
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