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About Project

Excise Department is one of the major income generating Department in the state. The Department overlooks duties related to administration and control of liquor, medicinal preparation containing liquor and Narcotic drugs. The general control over the administration of Excise Department and of the collection of Excise revenue is vested in the Excise commissioner. Collection of revenue is mainly under 3 heads such as Duties, Luxury taxes and Rentals. The excise duty and Luxury tax is levied at such rates as may be fixed by the government. By developing a database using geographic information systems (GIS) this project intends to utilize information and communication technologies to collect excise revenue as well as to address specific development objectives in this sector. The GIS database has been designed to enhance government to make efficient decisions. This project aims to explore ways of using GIS technologies in excise sector. Once the GIS package integrates the spatial and non-spatial attributes, the planner has a powerful tool, which can be used for analyzed information circulation or transformation. The user can access the attributes at its fingertips.


To develop an information system on
• Administration
• Cases
• Foreign liquor shops
• Beer parlour
• Toddy shops
• Revenue collection
The objective of the implementation of GIS component is to implement a customized GIS application which would be an interactive spatial analysis tool enabling the administrator to perform effective utilization of the infrastructure
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